Membership Deals

Family Membership

Introductory Offer, valid for new members in their first year.

The Family membership is for 2 adults, or 2 adults and any number of children under 18. The cost for the year is a one off payment of just £1174. From 2022 onwards, individual annual rates will apply with no joining fee.

Spouse/Family of current member
Introductory Offer

Spouses/family of current members can join under the same offer as families detailed above. ie. the spouse/family member would pay the difference between the family rate and the current individual rate. From 2023 onwards, individual annual rates apply with no joining fee.

Group Membership

A discount will apply for adults wishing to join as a group. The group to consist of at least 3 members over the age of 18.
• For groups of 3 – 5% of annual subscription will be credited to membership card
• For groups of 4 and above – 10% of annual subscription will be credited to membership card

This can then be spent in either the Clubhouse (with 10% discount) or the Pro Shop.

An offer will be sent to each individual and, once payment of the annual fee has been received from all parties (or a direct debit form has been accepted), then the membership card will be credited if applicable. This cannot be in conjunction with any other offers and will cover membership until February 2023. If possible, all application forms for the Group to be submitted at the same time (scanned copies will be accepted).

Recommend a Friend

If a current member recommends a friend and their friend takes out full adult membership to the Club, £50 will be credited to the members Gold Card. Current member needs to email to advise before payment is made.

The value of the Recommend a Friend payment will be proportionate to the adult membership fee paid. For example, for friends who are joining as a transitional member and pays 25% of the full adult fee then the Recommend a Friend payment will be £12.50.

Please note this offer is not available to former members and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Try Before you Buy

Come and try our course and if you join, you'll get your Green Fee back!

Ladies Beginner Membership

A membership deal to follow on from our Pro Gary Lister's 5 week coaching block. £200 Membership which gives you access to the Practice Area and 6 holes of the course after 6.30pm. Perfect for ladies just starting out! There will also be a buddy system in place for beginners to play with existing Ladies Members.

Pro-Rated Fees from 1st July

Pro-rated fees from 1 July:

Full Membership: £524
Transitional* 25-29 years: £392
Transitional* 23-24 years: £262
Transitional* 18-22 years: £130
Family Membership*: £968

*Transitional fees based on age as at 1 March 2022 *
Family Membership is for 2 adults or 2 adults and any number of children under age 18

Pro-rated fees will be for full membership, transitional membership and family membership but will also still apply to anyone joining through the group membership or recommend a friend deals which are both still available, as is the try before you buy.