Booking a Tee Time
Signing on Guests
Course Rules & Playing Priority
Speed of Play
Priority on the Course
Local Rules
Entry to Club Competitions
Maintaining a Handicap
Lapsed Handicaps
New Handicaps
Present Handicaps

Booking a Tee Time:
When you wish to play at Peterculter, call the Professional Shop (01224 734994) and book a tee time. Members should have at hand their MEMBERSHIP NUMBER (Found on the front cover of yearly Fixture Book) when booking a tee time, as you will be asked for it.  You can book a tee time, up to 7 days in advance for a regular booking  OR 14 days ahead if you are arranging a "CLUB MATCH". Up to 7 days times can be booked on-line however to book up to 14 days ahead (CLUB MATCH) times are bookable by calling the Pro Shop.

Signing on Guests:
You are welcome to sign on up to three (3) guests at any one time, but are unable to sign on any one same person, more than once in any calendar month. Should they wish to play again, they must pay a Visitors Green Fee.

Course Rules & Playing Priority:
Course Rules and Playing Priority have been revised by the Management Committee. They apply to ALL playing members, guests and visitors.

Speed of Play:
Players should play without delay. No players should play until those in front are out of range. Players searching for a ball should signal the following group through immediately. They should not search for five minutes before doing so.

If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one hole on the players in front, it should invite the match following to pass.

Priority on the Course:
Two ball matches (ie. Singles and Foursomes) have precedence over, and are entitled to pass any three or four ball matches, and should be invited through. Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round and should be invited to pass.

Cutting In:
Any match not playing a whole round MUST ensure that at least a full hole is clear before cutting in.

Course Ranger:
The Course Ranger or any member of the Management Committee acting in such a capacity has authority to request players to speed up play or instruct that a following match play through etc.  In the event that these instructions are not observed the offending players may be required to leave the course, and or reported to the Management Committee.

Local Rules:
1. OUT OF BOUNDS. (Rule 27)
(a) Beyond any boundary fence, wall or white post indicating boundary lines.


2. STONE IN BUNKERS. (Rule 24-1)
Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions.

All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 24-2.  In addition, if such an obstruction on or within two clubs lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief as follows:

If the ball lies off the putting green, but not in a hazard and is within two club lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may lifted cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which (a) is not in a hazard or on a putting green.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule:

4. TREES (Rule 24-2)
If a staked tree or tree under 2 club lengths in height interferes with a player's stance or line of intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped as per Rules 24-2b.  The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.

5. ROADS AND PATHS. (Rule 24-2)
Roads and paths are not integral parts of the course.  A ball lying on artificially constructed surface of road or path may be lifted without penalty and dropped as per Rules 24-2b.  The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.  A ball lying on tractor indentations on fairway (closely mown area) may be lifted without penalty and relief taken as per Rule 24-2b.  All other tractor indentations are integral parts of the course.

(a) All marked or signed areas. 

7. WATER HAZARDS. (Rule 26)
Water hazards are marked by "yellow" stakes.
Lateral water hazards are marked by "red" stakes.

8. MOVING BALL ON PUTTING GREEN (Rule 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1)

When a player's ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent or any of thir caddies or equipment.

Note: If it is determined that a player's ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity the ball must be played from its new location.  A ball marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.


Entry to Club Competitions:
Members entering Club Competitions are reminded of their responsibilities as players under both rules of the Club and the C.O.N.G.U. Handicapping rules in Qualifying Competitions.

Each player MUST ensure that before competing in a competition his/her name has been entered into the Competition Entry List and that each relevant score card WHETHER OR NOT COMPLETE is returned and the result entered into the computer (where relevant).

Players who "persistently" decline to return cards or fail to input their scores in the computer as above may be dealt with under either Club or The C.O.N.G.U Handicapping rules.  This can involve a ban from entering future competitions or suspension or loss of handicap (Clause 17.1(a) S.S.S & Handicapping Scheme) (as amended).

Players who find that they are unable to play in a competition entered, must advise the Professional or a playing partner.  Failure to do so may result in a ban from entering a number of subsequent competitions (see membership booklet).

Maintaining a Handicap:
Only scores from "Qualifying" events should be returned ie: where the competition is played over a measured course and a Competition Standard Scratch (CSS) is assessed.

Players should establish this from officials of the host club.  Scores from "Outings" and other events that are not organised by SGU affiliated club should not be returned.

Members can have their handicaps suspended should they constantly fail to return "Away" scores. Please note that you can now email AWAY scores on-line.

Lapsed Handicaps:
Players with a valid handicap who have failed to return 3 MEDAL cards in a playing season shall have their handicap 'starred / lapsed' under the SGU Legislation.  This starring prevents players from participating in official club competitions.  Players who are starred at the start of the playing season can play in Medal / Stableford and Bogey competitions in order to qualify for their THREE scores returned to un-star their handicap.  Once these 3 scores have been returned and the handicap un-starred, players then have to play a further 3 medal competition to maintain their handicap for the following season.  Any starred player wishing to enter Gents Knockout singles and/or pairs competitions at the start of the new season will be unable to enter said events, but will be eligible providing they are un-starred by the Competition Entry closing date.

This procedure should not be confused with gaining a New Handicap ie. submitting 3 cards from non-medal games are not acceptable.

New Handicaps:
Members wishing to be allocated a Club handicap must submit three cards to the Match & Handicap Convenor. The player must be accompanied by another Club Member (who has a current handicap) or a member of another affiliated club with a valid handicap who will mark his/her score.

When 3 cards have been completed they should be stapled together and given to the Club Pofessional and marked  "FOR HANDICAP" across the top of each card.

The player should note on each card which tees he has played from (ie. yellow or white).

N.B - cards will ONLY be accepted in threes, as above, single cards will not be accepted.

Present Handicaps:
Should you already hold a current handicap at another Club, you should decide which Club you wish to consider your "HOME" Club.  We will require either transfer papers or a handicap certificate to lodge your current handicap at Peterculter Golf Club. Transfers MUST arrive at the Club via land mail or hand delivered. Faxed or email certificates will not be accepted.